Lighting design

lighting design

Immediately adding an extra touch of class, technique and innovation is the latest arrival to Ristructura: lighting.

In addition to having an exclusive display of the new collection of Aqua Creations lamps from the world leader in decorative lighting created with fine silks, we also collaborate with the most important international companies.

Fundamental space is dedicated to Delta Light, the Belgian top-level technical lighting company, where it is possible to ascertain the chromatic rendering, optics and colour tone of each item, with differential turning on.

Interior lighting

Outdoor lighting

outdoor lighting

In contemporary design, lighting of external ares is gaining more and more importance. Create veritable scenography, define the confines of the property, install emergency lighting for nighttime security and twilight lighting that illuminates walkways or access roads.

We provide a selection of some of the leading companies dedicated to decorative and technical outdoor lighting.

Technical/museum lighting

technical lighting

Availing of programmes for calculating lighting and our specialised technical staff, we are able to design public, recreational and private spaces alike. We can ensure proper illumination for commercial spaces, gyms, public places and museums. Indeed, among our clients we count the important Egyptian Museum in Turin.

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