Assistance in design choices

Ristructura stems from the aim of giving its clients and professionals the opportunity to undertake a renovation or new building project with "key-in-hand" service.

We are able to design sanitary and electrical systems, select flooring materials and lighting equipment, whilst providing specifications, diagrams, lighting calculations and everything else necessary for the execution of the works. Ristructura is comprised of a team of technicians and craftsmen of certified competence, able to perform any type of operation in the context of renovating.

Given their specific skills, the different teams are appropriately coordinated by a Project Manager, able to constantly monitor the progress of the works, in accordance with the scheduled time-frames and the highest quality production, from the initial stages of construction to the conclusion of the works, with the testing of all the set-ups and systems effectuated. Competence, attention to detail and experience combine in pursuing the principal objective of the highest quality completed work.

design planning
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